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Balik Pulau Guest House (Penang Island)
Audi MTB Club is Budget Guest House in Balik Pulau Penang Island Malaysia. Natural Agricultural traveling Back to nature Relaxing Village travelling in Penang Island Malaysia. Bicycler Rider in Balik Pulau Penang. Village Cycler Tour in Penang Island Group Budget Accommodation Special Function Point
When was your last time riding a bicycle? Have you ever set foot on paddy field? Or mangrove forests? How long have you not been enjoying a breathtaking sunset? Come join us at Audi Guest House to experience all this! Let's make a quick escape from the busy city life and have a taste of the "Kampung" style life. 
  • Audi MTB Club is an eco-friendly yet unique bicycle tour company in Penang. We provide quality bike rentals. Our motto is "Go Green, Go Cleaner!"
  • Our mission is to promote healthy living and greener lifestyle through our high quality and eco-friendly bicycle rental and tours to Penang visitors and residents here. 
  • Audi MTB Club 是个响应环保但又具有独特单车导游的槟城公司。我们提供高素质单车让顾客出租。我们的座右铭是“Go Green, Go Cleaner!"
  • 我们的任务是要通过高素质以及环保的单车出租和导游以提倡游客及当地居民的健康与环保生活习惯。

Come and experience the joy and fun of seeing Penang, especially Balik Pulau area on Audi MTB Club's two wheels. 

Call +604-8662569/604-2833 959 or +6012-499 9099 or email to us at [email protected] for reservation.

Tourist Attractions in Balik Pulau 浮罗山背景点:
Homestay 民宿
Tropical Fruit Farms 热带水果园
Traditional Malay Massage and Healing 传统马来式按摩与治疗
Goat Farm 牧羊场
Pulau Betong Fishing Village 浮罗勿洞渔村
Paddy Fields 稻田

Special Food and Drink 特别食物和饮料
Kuih Baulu
Durian 榴莲
Coconut 椰子
Hokkien Mee 福建面
Lobak (Deep-fried Finely-Chopped Pork Sausage) 卤肉
Air Nira (Juice from Nipah Palm Flowerhead)
Laksa Janggus 马来叻沙
Balik Pulau Laksa 浮罗山背著名叻沙

Religious Sites 宗教信仰
Roman Catholic Church 天主教堂
Mariamman Hindu Temple 印度庙
Xuan Wu Temple (Chinese Temple) 玄武庙

Shopping Tips 购物贴示
Bedak 水粉
Batik 蜡染布
Belacan (Prawn Paste)  虾膏
Nutmeg 豆蔻

Kindly visit our website for more detail. http://ecommerce.aladdinsifu.com/audiguesthouse
Kampong Perlis,
Pulau Betong,
11000, Balik Pulau,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
7.00am to 7.00pm