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春上枝头洗方30天止脱 90天洗出扎手黑发, 千年洗方。经皮渗透。微乳靶向。止脱生发 Ancient Chinese Washing Method Micro-Emulsion Extract For Hair Growth Scrub Nourishment Curing Hair Disease in Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

In 2017, the company TMHYX with their outshine hair care and hair growth series - Chun Shang Zhi Tou has officially launched its first company in Malaysia at Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam, Penang incorporated with local dealer. The company has a team of professional researchers and scientific research lab that not only stress on products’ research and development, on the same time emphasize on the inheritance of ancient pharmaceutical culture and treatment methods in order to pursue the combination and innovation of ancient’s methods with modern science and technology.  All these have made 
Chun Shang Zhi Tou specialize in hair care, hair growth, hair lost prevention and gray-haired treatment products.

Chun Shang Zhi Tou inherited from ancient Chinese external healing prescription "Li Lun Pian Wen" (rhymed discourse for topical remedies) by using modern pharmacy principle through high-pressure infiltration extraction, latest skin permeation technology combined with micro-emulsion targeted healing technology which has significantly improved the cell’s biological life. The combination of ancient Chinese herbal essence and professional shampoo formula has perfectly forms an effective washing formula that achieve hair oil control, hair roots solidify, hair densifying and volumizing treatment.


The completed range of Chun Shang Zhi Tou hair care products includes Micro-Emulsion Root Strengthening Shampoo, Micro-Emulsion Hair Densifying & Volumizing Shampoo and Micro-Emulsion Hair Densifying & Volumizing Herbal Extract Essence. The whole series has break through the limitations of traditional products by enhancing the effectiveness of permeation and absorption to improve oily scalp condition, hair loss, and alopecia areata for better growing hair. It is glad that we received good responses from consumers our hair care products manage to help them regain back confidence when they solved their hair’s problems. People using Chun Shang Zhi Tou as daily hair protection, hair growth, hair loss control and restoring back a healthy glowing hair.


Chun Shang Zhi Tou has 20 thousands testimonial showing more than 90% success cases which have solved their hair’s problems. When your body is in healthy condition, it is easy and possible for hair follicles’ regeneration to take place. The products’ effectiveness is far more than other domestic and international brands.


Our company motto is acquisition and supply in order to serve different customers’ inquiries. We also work together with Malaysia Business Information System’s  company, TOWNSOS to provide delivery service for customer who order in bulk quantity. We are planning to recruit more than 1000 business partner or dealers on the same time establish 400 or more business units across Malaysia to better promote our “Corporate Vision and Mission”: Growing and Helping Each Other. As our “Business Philosophy” stated, we always put customers as first priority, business industry in 2nd , business partners in 3rd, and last company investors. 


Kindly visit our website for more detail. http://ecommerce.aladdinsifu.com/chunshangzhitou
20 Jalan Bukit Minyak 3,
Taman Bukit Minyak,
14000, Bukit Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia
Person In Charge: Chun Shang Zhi Tou
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