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EasternCreation International Hair & Image Academy 東藝美髮與型像學院 (PG0305671-W)
EasternCreation International Hair & Image Academy is Hair Saloon in Kulim Kedah Hair Academy Make up Doorstep Bridal Make up Dinner Make Up Event Make up Hair Do Hair Cut Wash Perming Colouring Rebonding Hair Do Treatment Kerantin Treatment Scalp Treatment Hair Care 東藝美髮與型像學院是居林发廊头发头皮护理美发造型化妆上门服务

Eastern Creation Hair Studio, a comfortable zone offering Hair Styling and Beauty service where situated right at the centre of the historic "Bandar Taman Selasih"- Kulim. Eastern Creation Hair Studio was established in the 2nd millennium (Year 2000). We have become one of the most recognized hairdressing name in Kulim, Kedah where offering men and women prestigious, crafted cut and coloring techniques to suits our clients sophisticated demand.

Every cut and color by Eastern Creation is a living and growing embodiment of our salon’s philosophy: to work with hair in its natural state, to treat hair as organic material, to shape and balance hair to reflect the individual and reveal their beauty and feel better about themselves after each visit.

To realize this philosophy, Eastern Creation believes that true technical craft is required to deliver hair that has structure and movement, in forms that appear effortless but are intently considered. We work in style and naturally in pampering your hair, thus providing the most precise techniques to suit the individual looks. Surf our website to learn more about the team at Eastern Creation and the variety of products & services we offer. 

東藝美髮,        给您一个舒适的环境并旨在提供美发与美容服务,我们位于历史城镇居林”Bandar Taman Selasih”市中心。東藝美髮成立于第二个千禧年(即2000年)。我们目前在吉打州居林已经成为一间公认的美发屋,专门提供男女庄严的发剪和护理以及着色技术,以配合客户日益复杂的需求。

東藝所提供的每一剪和着色都是一种生活,并且日益体现了我们的理念:与头发保持自然状态,视头发为有机材料,将发型得以平衡展示,以反映个人风格并揭示其美丽和对自身的感觉更好。 为实现这一理念,東藝认为,头发具有其结构和活动的模式,真正的发型技术工艺需要在毫不费力的情况下将之认真结合为一。


Kindly visit our website for more detail. https://www.facebook.com/eastern.creation
EasternCreation International Hair & Image Academy,
No 2607, Jalan Selasih A/1,
Taman Selasih,
09000, Kulim,
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
Monday to Friday 11.00am to 8.30pm
Saturday & Sunday 10.00am to 8.30pm