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Nature Fruit Farm Resort 留连轩度假屋 (PG0321048-V)
Nature Fruit Farm Resort is Chalet in Balik Pulau Penang Island Malaysia. Homestay in Balik Pulau Penang. Accommodation in Balik Pulau. Relaxing Village Hotel in Balik Pulau Penang Island Pulau Pinang Malaysia Place to refreshment in Penang island. Good place to stay 留连轩度假屋是槟城槟岛浮罗山背度假屋本地水果吃榴莲著名榴莲一日游


Enjoying the ultimate experience STAYING at Nature Fruit Farm Resort!


Kindly visit our website for more detail. http://www.naturefruitfarm.com
Nature Fruit Farm Resort 留连轩度假屋,
No 311 MK 7 Genting,
11000, Balik Pulau,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Check in 2.00pm & Check out 12.00pm
Booking Time 9.30am to 7.00pm
Closed on Sunday