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Malaysia Business Information Portal | Local Business Referral Platform | Business Networking with Recommended Merchants Business and Community News. FORMER known as dashyou.com. Townsos owned by Townsos Global Resources since 2018

Townsos.com means Opportunity Sharing in Your Living TOWNS. The establishment of Malaysia's most practical, biggest, most completed Business information portal of Business Networking, recommended merchants, classification, community news and social network

Townsos.com is a human-centered organization. Human being are creatures living in groups, each one cannot live without others. Nowadays, due to the rapid industrial, commercial and telecommunication developments, interaction between human being becomes more significant. Human network is the network of financial sources. Townsos.com is designed for people who would like to know more their community information. Townsos.com is an exclusive network of human relationships.
we care every one of you!” is our motto. With the basic business details published, products category and business , we strongly believe townsos.com will definitely be able to make the distance between the merchants and their valued customers closer.
Kindly visit our website for more detail. http://ecommerce.aladdinsifu.com/about-audi-jaya-holding-a1soscom
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