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Townsos.com, Malaysia Businesses Information Portal. We are Towns Opportunity Sharing Platform Provider! The establishment of Malaysia's most practical, biggest, most completed information portal of Business Networking, recommended merchants, classification, community news and social network

Townsos.com is a human-centered organization. Human being are creatures living in groups, each one cannot live without others. Nowadays, due to the rapid industrial, commercial and telecommunication developments, interaction between human being becomes more significant. Human network is the network of financial sources. Townsos is designed for people who would like to know more their community information. Townsos is an exclusive network of human relationships.

Townsos care you, "we care every one of you!” is our motto. With the basic business details published, products category and business , we strongly believe  Townsos.com will definitely be able to make the distance between the merchants and their valued customers closer.

Townsos.com is a system which specially designed and created for Malaysia  community even worldwide. Townsos.com is mean that THATS YOU! We care everyone of you. We really hope that  can  upgrading the quality of malaysia citizens' lifestyle by providing the most completed, the most accurated and reliable, the most real time community business and non profit organization information. 

"Providing Services and Products with Good Quality is Our Responsibility!" 

“Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!"


Why Townsos.com?

Dear valued customers, the introduction of Townsos.com is to lead you to a more economic and fast-performing business operations. The concept of Townsos.com is to strengthen your business relationships with the potential and existing customers through the Internet in a cheaper, faster and easier way.

Your customers will be able to obtain all the promotion information about  your fantastic services or products provided.  You will definitely find this service very valuable to integrate your business with the cyber world, before being lagged behind. You will be able to enjoy the extremely low charges for using our service.

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The objectives of Townsos.com are as below:

  • To provide the most complete, reliable, refered, recommended, accurate and real-time information.
  • To strengthen relationships between merchants and potential / existing customers in the marketplace.
  • To create customers’ connectivity, at anytime and anywhere.  
  • To provide the most convenient and explicit search engine system.

Providing the best services to our customers with sincerity is our main responsibility. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please feel free to provide us with your feedback on the services provided. We are looking forward to your comments to improve our services.

With very simple procedures, dear valued customers, you will be able to enjoy privileges of Townsos.com. Let’s achieve our targets with actions!

Thanks for reading, hope we can be business partners in the near future.