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1) Join Townsos as Merchant.


### Packages A RM450 ( Top banner with 1 State & All City inside )

### Packages B RM250 

  • Control panel provided

### Packages C RM150 

  • Normal account

*** Photo upload & Announcement post services provided. Each items RM1 


2) Corporate Page Signage -Banner Design 

RM 100 per page ( all material image & slogan for banner design must be provided )


3) Corporate page Details updated service

RM 10 onward - depend 


4) Corporate page products uploaded service

RM 20 onward - depend


5) Step of Registration 

1.        Copy townsos.com Corporate Account Registration form below

2.        Email Business Detail Information & Keyword to [email protected]

3.        Follow our next step instruction by email or calling


Corporate Account Registration form

1.        Choose your package: 

2.        Agent name

3.        Referral name

4.        Webpage Preferred URL ( compulsory )

5.        Username ( compulsory )

6.        pre set password ( compulsory )

7.        Personal in charge detail : Name & Contact Number & Email (compulsory)

8.        Business Detail: Company Name & Company Registration & All Business Address & Business Hour + Contact Detail ( Office number, Fax, Email etc)

9.        Search Engine Keyword: 3 to 7 sets of business keyword (product / service) + Location (country, state, city or Town)

10.     Business Categories

11.     Business LOGO JPEG file 800px X 800px

12.     Attached Business name card JPEG file

13.     Building Photo JPEG file

14.     Banner Design requirement ( Your Own preferred Design / Townsos decided design ). If your own preferred design, Please attached some product, brand, service, building photo, slogan, etc for banner design ) size 640px X 280px

15.     Make payment & inform us by email.

16.     then follow our instruction in completing system registration by admin email.

Thanks for your support! Please feel free to ask if you need our assist. Thanks with appreciated!


6) Become an Agent Packages:  


1.        RM 500    - 20% Commission

2.        RM 800    - 30% Commission

3.        RM 1200    - 40% Commission


Term of agent account

  • Top up CREDIT has no expire date
  • Must have enough CREDIT for register new corporate account
  • Only have 3 amount of Top up value above
  • CREDIT can not be refunded or transfer to another agent account
  • Responsible to new Corporate account registered by email to

[email protected] or to Customer Services 018-4076008 


Townsos.com customer service will call Customer to fill up important detail of business


7) Birthday Card Sending System

Townsos wishes card sending system has returned. Special offer for the 500 earlier bird joint merchants.

Yes, Reserve your offer up to 15% discount rate for all type card sending services just with credit prepaid RM300


8) Upgrade Your Advertising With Us Today

Banner advertising work best when potential clients come to you. Banner advertising is the Internet version of display advertising.

There are two major reasons that banner advertising has become so successful:

  • Banners have been proven to create excellent brand marketing. In fact, the public remembers banners 20% more than television ads.
  • An advertising banner is the most effective method of building traffic to your web site quickly other than free classified ads. Banners bring people who click on your banner directly to your "portal page." 


9) Want to become townsos.com sponsor for community welfare information?


TOP Banner Advertising by Nation, Regional, State & City  

  • RM 300 annually  (  1 City )
  • RM 1000 annually  ( 1 State )
  • RM 3000 annually  (  Nation Wide whole Malaysia State & City )


10) Home Delivery Services Prepaid :  


  • RM 150 - 20 trips in a year
  • RM 250 - 50 trips in a year
  • RM 350 - 100 trips in a year


Terms & Condition

- Each 10 KG items delivered to a point, consider as 1 trip. Each 1KG to 10KG following count as 1 trip add on

- Call to pick up 1 day before 1pm

- Coverage area : Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth, Lunas, Kulim & Padang Serai.

- Every Thursday Penang Island ( must confirm delivery order on MONDAY that week )



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Townsos.com management team

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