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SILTEX Sdn Bhd Qing Qing Hair & Beauty Sdn Bhd is Hair&Beauty Products Equipment Supplier Distributor with Shampoo Conditioner Beauty Care Hair&Beauty Accessories Equipment Manufacturer Sales&Trading Hair&Beauty Saloon Solution in Penang Kedah Perak Etc.

Product Detail

C13E099 (EC Italy Leave-on Relax 200ml) RM38
EC Italy Leave-on Relax 200ml
Product Code: C13E099

Leave-on Relax Repair Intensive

The white distillate forms a protective film covering hair strand, restore hair health rapidly after chemical treat. The blue distillate penetrates into hair deeply to avoid hair forking, breaking and tangle. Anti-static, moisturizing gives hair pliancy and gloss.



白色馏出物形成覆盖发丝的保护膜,迅速恢复头发健康。 蓝色的蒸馏物深深地渗入头发,以避免毛发分裂,打结,防静电,保湿,使头发柔软,光泽。