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SW Akuarium (AS0337084-W)
SW Akuarium

SW Akuarium

SW Aquarium which is located in Kuala Nerang, Kedah, was established in year 2010 by Mr Lim Keng Fong. Together with his family, they have a very deep interest in fish feeding. He had a trading business in the past before going into SW Aquarium business. SW Aquarium was opened in a very special moment where he met his teacher who is specialized in aquatic sector, and was just back from Taiwan after graduation. His teacher teaches Fong how to feed and rear blue base cross back Arowana.

After a year, Fong finds out his future direction that is to involve in the aquarium business and wishes to develop the business by providing and gathering all the people who love home aquatic fishes. This will serve as a platform to share their interests among each another.
Besides opening a fish shop, Fong also retails and provides many kind of Khatulistiwa fishes, aquarium  accessories, fish food as well as aquarium design and installation.

SW水族馆位于吉打州的瓜拉尼浪 (Kuala Nerang),由Lim Keng Fong 林先生于2010年一手成立。林先生与家族成员皆痴迷于养鱼。开设水族馆之前,林先生本从事贸易。机缘巧合之下,他遇见了刚从台湾学成归来、专攻水生领域的养鱼启蒙老师。自此,林先生跟老师学习养鱼之道,并习得喂养蓝底过背金龙鱼的方法。


No 47, Pekan Baru,
06300, Kuala Nerang,
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
10.30am to 7.30pm
Closed On Friday