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Venis BodyKit & Sticker Design (AS0317412-P)
Among of our services is like specialist modification, car bodykit custom design, car body sticker design, car spray painting,car bodykit repaid,vehicle Advertisement, special bodykit design,paintbrush and so on. We also give you reasonable prices on our products and services. As guarantee, you would be satisfied because we would give services follow on your taste and demand and your car will looks very attractive and capture whosoever look your car. We trying provide an excellent service for our customer, hope to improve our image and the enhancement service quality. Simultaneously you are welcome to provide the opinion or suggestion to us, Thank You
Kindly visit our website for more detail. http://www.e2pages.com/venis/default.asp
Lot 21896, Jalan Perusahaan Taman Sejati,
08000, Sungai Petani,
Kedah Darul Aman, MALAYSIA